TEC is an extraordinary group of people who evolve career education, learning and development, since 1979. Education is disrupted and knowledge acquisition has changed. Traditions always die hard but alternative higher learning paths are rapidly emerging. Tangible skills are in demand. ‘Just in Time’ and ‘self directed’ learning are critical in rapidly evolving business spaces. High powered cloud computing and low latency connectivity brings the learning lab almost anywhere. A community is still a powerful advocate for superior learner outcomes and with “Active Learner” centered strategies engage students and produce superior results. TEC has always responded with recognition and innovation and continues to engage and empower people through knowledge and the pursuit of excellence.
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TEC is About People
  • We cultivate a work environment that is inspiring, motivating and rewarding.
  • We foster an educational environment that empowers our students and staff.
  • We support a social environment that is caring, inclusive, supportive and non-bureaucratic.
  • We seek ongoing learning opportunities for our team.
  • We believe social and interpersonal skills are as critical as technical knowledge.
  • We develop soft skills, model and teach them to students and staff.
  • We set challenging, realistic goals and expect well-planned follow-through and results.
  • We are individually and collectively accountable for upholding values and delivering goals.
  • We recognize individuals for their contributions and celebrate achievement.
  • We support transparent communication through sharing information, soliciting input and considering perspectives.
  • We trust one another to address conflict in a respectful and fair manner.
We are comitted to cultivating an environment that is inspiring, motivating and rewarding for staff and students. The culture of our company, is our personality, the way people interact, the manner decisions are made, and our operating values and beliefs. Every person in our company contributes to and influences the culture.
100-1632 Dickson Avenue
Kelowna, BC V1Y 7T2, Canada
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Please check for appointment availability as some locations do not operate for unscheduled public access. It is always recommended you contact the specific campus and schedule your visit/appointment. Click the logo to visit.

Landmark Technology Centre Suite 100- 1632 Dickson Ave
Kelowna BC V1Y 7T2 Canada
Phone: (250) 860.2787
Toll free: 1.866.860.2787
Fax: 250.712.1083
Immersa Learning Network
#110 6635 Badura Ave
Las Vegas Nevada
(by appointment only)
Digital Music Alliance #110 6635 Badura Ave
Las Vegas Nevada
(by appointment only)

TEC is an Education Management company. We currently operate several of our own schools and learning companies and are not soliciting work outside of our own subsidiaries. As creative people we are always interested in hearing about ideas and opportunities but not-so-much about extending car warrantys, hiring new Janitors or SEO experts from the far east.