What makes TEC a great place to work?
Stenberg College
Centre for Arts and Technology

The senior management team is committed to cultivating an environment that is inspiring, motivating and rewarding for staff and students. The culture of a company can be described as its personality, the way people interact, the manner decisions are made, and its operating values and beliefs.

Our team is committed to the following culture statements:

  1. We get an intrinsic satisfaction in contributing to an educational environment that empowers our students and staff.

  2. We create a social environment that is caring, inclusive, supportive and non-bureaucratic.

  3. We seek out and are receptive to learning opportunities on an ongoing basis.

  4. We believe that social and interpersonal skills are just as important as technical knowledge. We are committed to developing our soft skills and modeling and teaching these skills to students and staff.

  5. We are results driven. We set challenging, but realistic goals with well-planned execution and follow-through.

  6. We are individually and collectively accountable for upholding our values and delivering on our goals, being and holding each other accountable for our public agreements.

  7. We recognize individuals for their contributions and we celebrate our achievements.

  8. We support proactive and transparent communication by sharing information, soliciting input from others and considering different perspectives, and then making expectations clear to all stakeholders.

  9. We trust each other to address conflict in a respectful and fair manner.
Every person in our company contributes to and influences the culture. We seek regular feedback from our staff to ensure we know what we are doing well and which areas we can improve. We share the results of our surveys with each campus and involve the staff in agreeing to actions that will create an even stronger culture.

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